Saturday, January 31, 2009

I AM COOKIN NOW! I feel awesome! I have been working my ass off this last month on my road bike doing some good miles. I was shooting for 400 miles this month but I have instead put up 539 miles. Granted only about 100 of those miles were outside but who wants to be riding outside. I road outside today and it was hairy in some places. Ice everywhere, and tons of wind to blow you right over. But I felt good, really good. I could have done way more. I have been paying more attention to how I am feeding my body while on the bike and all this other work I have been doing is paying off. This is only going to feed my desire to be even better. Last year I was really getting down on myself because I came into my team as a new guy at the end of the season. These guys were finishing their seasons and they were fast so I would get dropped every day. Well I think that might change this year. I have been doing a lot of updating to my bike and I have some more to do. I think I will at least be really competitive with my group of guys (Cat 5s) at least I hope so. It will be a major blow if I show up to the first real team ride and I still get smoked. Well I have about another 1000 miles to click off before the season starts so I better get to that.

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