Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let try this again

Sooo yeah been a long time since I wrote on here. I keep wanting to do this more but do people really want to read what I have to say? I don't really think so, so what I have decided is I am writing for myself. I always have these idea or things that I am thinking about and I dont really tell a whole lot of people. So really this is going to be my place to work out stuff that I just usually will just sit in bed and think about all night long.

My racing has made leaps and bounds since my last post back in 2009. I hooked up with a guy that had come so close to being a pro but life just started happening and took 12 years off. I coach a few of his kids at my gym at the St Louis Gym Centre. I feel like we have become pretty good friends over the last year. In the year that I have lived in St Louis I have not made too many friends. I like the people I work with a ton, they are great but no one that I want to hang out with and have a beer anytime, like Mike R or Mike F. Never realized how hard it is to make friends when you aren't going to school. It is cool that a guy named Rob from my racing team in Champiagn moved down here for his wife's work. He lives around the courner practicaly but he has kids like everyone else so like everyone else he doesn't have time to "get a beer".

I see that I have gotten off on a tangent. I am trying to talk about racing my bicycle. So in my last post I was riding a Trek 5200, but back in May I crashed bad and my bike was destroyed. My wife being the amazing woman that she is allowed me to buy a brand new bike and didn't even ask how much it was going to cost. Every now and then she gets mad about the time and money my riding takes but for the majority of the time she is my biggest supporter. My favorite days are days where I race and then we hang out and watch the rest of the racing with each other. She is even getting to know who the good riders are.

So now I race a Pinorello FP3 with a mix of Sram Red and Force. NEVER thought I would buy one, in fact I really wanted to get a Specialized but I couldn't get one in my size and model in time for my next race which was only 5 days away at the time. But I love this bike, everyone that sees it loves it. I love being on a rare bike for this part of the world.

So racing this year went great! In 2009 my racing season was over by early July and I was sucking ass at that time. Well this year I went STRONG into early September and could have gone a couple more weeks. I owe all this to my friend Mike Rickey who coached my through the entire year and was able to see my strengths and really bring them out. Now this year things are looking even better. I had stared a Wild Card Cycling STL team last year but now it has become 708 Racing. 708 is a clothing company owened by a super fast racer named Kurt Fletcher. He is one bad ass dude. We have also brought in a TON of other sponsors. I will talk about them more in another post. So Kurt is now helping me out as well and I am really pumped about it. We are now a team of 6 super fast guys that just want to kick ass. No pussy footing around, we all want to win and will dow whatever we can to win.

I have started my base miles for next year and am in the gym lifting weights. Iwill push my limits and make sure that my year as a Cat 3 is a good one. I will NOT be pack fodder all year long. I hope that if I work hard enough I can make my way to Cat 2. The more high level racers we have the better our money situation will be for the years to come.

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