Friday, April 1, 2011

Hillsboro, the real start of the season

So I would say that most people around here count Hillsboro Roubaix  as the start of the season. It is not really a supper hard race but the wind really can play a huge roll. I only have done this race once and it was my first ever race. I did really bad. I think that I am in a much better place this time around to do well but we will see. I will be in a support roll for this race again and I am just hoping to put some hurt into some of the favorites in the field so that our guy can bring home the win for 708.

I did a really nice long ride today and some openers to get the legs ready. The wind was very strong, 15-17 mph and changing all the time. Did half of the ride on all flat and some gravel, then the second half I went into the hill of Columbia, IL to try and get out of the wind and get my legs used to some hard digs. There is one hard-ish hill tomorrow and the end of the lap and I don't want my legs to be too surprised.

Going to watch the Illini in the Big Ten gymnastics championships then get the bike ready for tomorrow.

Great day to be on a bike!

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