Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not a fan of the cold

The cold has come and it brought rain with it. Rain or cold on their own doesn't bother me, but together I just don't want to be outside. For some reason I used to like days like this, but now that I want to spend most of my time outside and on the road I can't stand it. I used to love the cold and snow as well. I always said that all you had to do was put on more clothes to feel warm. Where as in the summer you can only take off some many clothes before you are naked, and even then that might not keep you cool. Now though I love the heat, I still can't sleep in it, but I have no problem working my ass off in the heat all day, and training in it as well. I just have to make sure I have enough cold water and I am good to go.
I guess I got sick of the cold over the few years after I graduated from college. Those were some real tough years from my wife and I in terms of money. We didn't have enough to keep our home warm enough in the winter to keep us warm. Just warm enough to keep the pipes from freezing and getting our landlord pissed at us. I remember nights where it felt like the wind was pushing right through our walls on windy nights.
Now thought I just think I am tired of getting all dressed up to go out. My power meter never works right when it gets bellow 30, and I don't know that I get as good a workout when it is that cold vs. training in the basement.
I guess I just think some day I need to move to a more temperate climate. I want to be outdoors and living in the midwest is just not the place to be for 4 or 5 months out of the year. One day when I win the 300 million dollar lottery I think I'll take off. Until then though I am stuck in the basement dreaming of the spring and racing with my new team, and my great teammates.

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