Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Busy busy busy

So I don't even know when the last time I wrote on here was. I have been running around like crazy doing......stuff.

Last weekend was my gym's meet called Meet me in St Louis, around 1500 athletes from all over the Midwestern United States. It is one of the largest coed meets in the US, maybe the the largest. My entire gym has been working their asses off getting things ready. The meet went great with almost no glitches. Almost is not good enough though and we always work hard to make things perfect. One cool thing was we were able to set up 3 girls gym, 6 sets of bars, 6 beams, 6 vaults, 3 40'x40' floors, 3 tumble strips, and a boys gym, high bar, parallel bars, ring tower, and pommel horse, in 4 hours. We took it all down in 3 hours and 23 min. In the past it took me the same time to do just one gym. I have to give a big shout out to the guys at United Athletic International for all their great work. If you host a meet you should really give them a look.

I have also been working on getting my cycling team their new kit and equipment. It is really just a lot of busy work but it takes time. I don't have any cool programs to keep track of this crap and I am not the best at remembering things so I double, and triple check things to make sure I have it all right. Then on top of it I have to train and hang out with my wife. For a guy who has a short work week I still have no time for everything.

I do have something really cool in the pipeline though that is super top secret and could be a big deal in the world of gymnastics. One of those building a better mouse trap types of things. From what I hear that is the most common way to be successful in business. Fingers crossed.

Training has not been as consistant as I want it to be right now but whatever. I have still been hitting the weights pretty hard and it makes it hard to do long miles. I am going to do another 2 weeks after of lifting and then it will be nothing but big miles. Last week I was able to do three, 3+ hours of riding which was tough to do with two days of heavy lifting. I missed riding yesterday from exhaustion, spent most of the day was spent sleeping. I don't really know why I am so tired every year after this meet. It seems like all I do is just sit there and move athletes rotations around. Could just be from stress I guess.

I need to really take advantage of this great weather this last week. Can't last forever, and I sure it is just going to be colder longer into the spring.

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