Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cat burglar!!!

We were robbed! Not bad, just had a bike stolen out of the garage. Not even a good bike, it wasn't expensive, Katie didn't use it all that much, and it was years old. But that isn't the point. Being robbed feels like shit. There was some asshole that walked into your home, and walked away with your stuff. What if you just missed them, what if your stuff is only feet away and you will never know. UUUGG so aggravating!

I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and I was always scared of having things stolen from me. My dad is always making sure everything is locked up. I think that made me kind of go the other way. We were never robbed, so as a kid I thought we lived in a very safe place. Doesn't mean someone never tried, we just had everything locked up all the time. Where I live now I thought it was super safe. Kids leave their bikes laying around all the time. People are always out and about, it just seems like the perfect middle America awesome town. Well my perfect dream has now come crashing down, all thanks to some jackhole who is now riding a girl's bike.

In other news my assistant coach, and another assistant coach both had their babies on Thursday, maybe one was on Friday, but they were within 12 hours of each other. Talk about two girls who like to compete with each other :-). They both had very cute baby girls, and I even have one more assistant coach who is still expecting her baby next month. I don't know what it is but is seems like everyone is having babies. It is like it's contagious or something. Two more of my coaches are talking about having more kids next year, seriously I need to get me some more guy coaches in my gym. I have estrogen dripping down the walls.

Tomorrow is Eater, and more importantly it is the Paris Roubaix, in the North of France. This is one of the most amazing bike races of the entire year. The planning that has to go into this race is almost on par with the Tour de France. Teams come up with completely new bikes, and gear for this one day classic. For those who don't know this race goes over some of the roughest roads in the world. They are made up of what looks like boulders randomly thrown down on the ground. Then for the entire year these roads are only used by farmers and their tractors. The race has almost no elevation change but these roads make it one of the hardest races all year, especially if the weather is bad, keep the finger crossed.

I am going to go up to Champaign IL tomorrow to visit with Katie's family for the day. I am hoping to get three and a half or four hours on the bike. I was hoping to ride O'Fallon and get some big hills in but looks like I will get miles of rolling flat..... With next weekend being what I am calling my real start of the race season, and that start being in Hillsboro, IL flat wont be a big problem though.

I imagine this is what the burglar looked like.

Yeah just throw those anywhere.

P.S. the Illinois Men's Gymnastics team took 1st in this weekend's Big Ten Championships

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