Friday, August 24, 2012

Lance Armstrong

So I am pretty sad about Lance's decision to not fight anymore. I understand, and I know that he said before the charges were brought that he would no longer fight. I am a big LA fan, but that doesn't mean I have my doubts about what he did when he was racing. Everyone was doping so does it really count as cheating?

Now taking into account that you know I am a Lance fan, I agreed that the USADA prosecution seemed quite zealous and counter to what we feel is fair in the USA. Lance is that the first rider or athlete taken down by the USADA, and just about every time it seems very one sided and if you are caught in their net you are pretty F*&ked. It raises questions in my mind of oversight, and checks and balances.

I have read some blogs saying that Lance has again done a great job of spinning the outcome in his favor. At this point people not very familiar with what is going on will look at this as an admission of guilt. And WADA, and the USADA are saying that it is. But the more you look at it the more it seams like a settlement similar to what you see when a corporation settles with a plaintif. Lance has more to do in life than re-win what he had already won, and I feel he feels no one can take away what he had won. So what is the point fo fighting the past, just move forward and do more with his foundation and race in non WADA races. (there are plenty out there)

I don't think this will change anyone's mind about LA. I think us Lance lovers will still be with him, and the haters will still hate him. I was even thinking the other day, what would I do if Lance lost, or gave up? Turns out other than being bummed he gave up, it doesn't change my life.

I am heading out to western Missouri tomorrow for the Sedalia Crit and Otterville road race this weekend. This will be the last tune up before the Gateway Cup next weekend. For us road guys this is the end of the season in Missouri, and there are a lot of guys looking really good right now. We are going to use this weekend to have our stuff dialed in and ready to win.

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