Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunday Funday

Yesterday was the start of my offseason. It was the first long ride meant to start building base. I had meant to get going much sooner than we (Chris and I) did but I spent the night before out having a good time and slept till noon! I have no idea the last time I did that. I didn't really have any idea where to ride so when Chris showed up he mentioned we should ride up to Alton, IL and see if we could catch the first CX race of the year. I had never road out to Alton but I was down, and I love watching CX racing, especially when my teammates are racing in them.

My powermeter has been acting up so I didn't really know how to make sure I was hitting the zones I needed to for the ride. Then I remembered that Chis is like a motorcycles when he rides. So we road hard, and long, into a super stiff headwind for two and a half hours to get up to Alton. There were definitely a few times that I had to tuck in behind Chris to get a few seconds of rest so I could keep up with him.

Pulling into Alton we had to climb this road called Central st. It was one of the steepest roads in the area I would have to say. Not long at all, only two blocks, but that would be an awesome road to use in a crit. That would really hurt! We ended up missing all the races and pulled up with just a few guys talking about the race. Bj was still there and we found out he had won the B race and I think he said 7th in the A race, with no rest. I also heard that Keith placed 2nd in the C race. It was Keith's first time ever racing CX and he even took a hard enough header that he broke his helmet, but still kept going!

Chris and I stopped off at Subway for lunch before heading home. Our ride home was a bit nicer as we had a decent tail wind. Chris really started to have problems with his bike though. He had not been able to overhaul it for some time so we decided that we would get together later in the night and tear down our bikes. I like to take my time when I work on my bike, so Chris got done a bit faster than I did. He also has a bit more experience at that stuff than me though. It is really night though to have everything taken apart and figure out why you are having small problems. Most of the issues I was having were just from parts being too dirty, which was way better than parts needing to be replaced as I have been doing a lot of that lately.

It was a great day of bike riding and hanging with buds. The hard work riding is going to show up 6 months from now, and I already can't wait.

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