Friday, June 7, 2013

Going to the 2013 Tulsa Tough

As I type Eric and I are driving down to Tulsa to race in this year's Tulsa Tough. Roy and Murphy are on their way from the STL to race tonight as well. None of us have ever done this race series but we have been hearing about it for years and it is just one of those races you have to do if you are from this area I think. The race is three days long with the last day sounding like one of the more famous races. It has a climb on it called Cry Baby Hill. In the video you can see it looks like one hell of a party! I love races like this where people get so excited and rowdy. The energy just fills you up and you can push yourself harder than you could without.

I will be racing the cat 3 races this weekend, Eric and Murph are going to be in the 1/2 and Roy will do some Masters racing along with a 3 race. He waited to long and the race filled up before he could get into all the 3s races. Lesson learned. This race has something pretty interesting going on for it. They will be airing the Pro/1 races over live streaming at, that is pretty sweet if you ask me! At Glencoe this year they had some cameras set up around the course for a big screen they had at the start finish, I am not sure if they were live streaming too but I don't think it will be hard for them to make that jump in the future. I think that way more can be done in the area of video and race coverage, even at the amateur level. With the explosion of Go Pro cameras and others like it I don't think it will be long before you see whole races from within the pack. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

My team is pretty busy racing all over the Midwest this weekend. We have guys going to the River City Classic in Evansville, IN; the Tour of Galena in Galena, IL; Tulsa Tough in Tulsa, OK; and we are also hosting a mountain bike race back in St Louis The Lost Valley Luau. I love that there is all this racing going on.  I know that it takes a lot of time to do all this stuff, but what would I be doing otherwise? Probably sitting on the couch getting fat, doesn't sound too appealing.

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