Sunday, July 10, 2011

Get better already

I am still a bit under the weather. I am feeling better than I did during the week but still not good enough. I have not done a whole lot of riding hoping that resting would be the best thing. I am not willing to give up all my fitness though so I am anxious to get back at it. On the other hand if I try to come back too fast I will just dig a deeper hole. Fuckin A!
Well today I did a ride to see how my body is doing. I was going to do a few hard intervals to see where my heart rate and power numbers are. Turns out they were great, so why do I still feel like shit? I was going to do a power test tomorrow but now I am thinking that I will hold off another couple days and hope that I am feeling even better. Now that it is later in the day though I don't feel so great again and I am worried that I will feel shitty again tomorrow. I don't know maybe I will feel even better.
I think that I am going to riding with my wife and just see how it goes again. She is getting better at riding. We did 25 miles today and she was riding pretty good until the last few miles. I just need to get her to drink more water and eat food while we ride. Especially if we start doing more miles. Man I would really love to get her into racing. She just looks good on a bike, and I could get her some good wins.
It is getting late, I'm going to bed.

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