Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A little over a month left

There isn't much road racing left in the season. There are only a couple big races left and I think I can feel my legs coming back. After my big block of racing earlier this year I hit a big slump. It was pretty much right after the tour of Lawrence. I got sick, couldn't ride much, and my fitness dropped quickly. The toughest part about it was the mental let down. You work so hard for this level of fitness and ability, and you want it to last forever. But it wont and it doesn't. Part of the reason for the drop also is that I had very few miles even with all the racing. These races are only about 30 miles or less on average and to be able to remain at that level you need miles and you need lots of miles and lot of intensity.
Well I am finally putting in both again. Did 80 miles on Monday with 30 of it averaging 25 miles per hour. And then I road over to Tuesday night Worlds yesterday where we averaged 26 and I ended up with almost 40 miles. I will probably get out tonight and ride around Forest Park for a couple hours in the twilight and dark to try and beat this crazy heat. I have had just about enough.
Not much to talk about today, maybe after I get back from vacation in Utah. Later.

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