Friday, November 11, 2011

Champaign Bound

Going up to Champaign this weekend to see some old friends and take some time off of training. A lot of my old teammates from school will be there and it is Illini vs Michigan this weekend. Illinois fans like to think that his is some big rivalry but really Michigan generally just kicks our ass. Funny how we see it as a rivalry but you never read about Michigan thinking that. They look more at Ohio as their big rival match up each year.

I am going to lay off the weights this weekend also. One reason is because I will not be near a gym that I belong to, and another reason is I am really tired and sore. This week was supposed to be an easier week in my workout schedule but for some reason I feel just as sore or tired. Next week is some really tough lifting and I want to be able to really go at it hard. I have been off the bike a lot too and that is not feeling too good. Really missing it. I don't feel like I am losing any of my endurance or power, just miss whatever endorphin shot my body gives me from riding my bike long and hard. The weather has also not been very helpful in the bike department either. It is getting really cold and I just have not been able to get excited about riding the trainer for hours. Last year I could put in some long rides, 3-4 hours, on the trainer but I dread it this year.

So we are leaving for our old stopping ground soon. I better get moving or Katie is going to kill me. I am pumped to see my old friends. Really wish we all lived closer together but that is life right?

I'm out!

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