Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Childhood Obesity Abuse

So last week a coach at my gym and I were talking about the problem of childhood obesity. Then this week I read a story about a two hundred pound plus, third grader who was taken from his mother and placed into foster care. Funny how that works, but not funny about how people can allow their children to get this way. I have no problem with how the authorities handled this case. In the article it says they worked with the family for 20 months to try and get the child's weight under control. I know that there are kids that are going to bigger and even some that will have medical conditions that caused them to get that way. But from what I see that is not the norm it is the exception.
There is a doctor in the article that blames society for kids being fat, and I guess you could say that but that is the easy way out. Kind of like saying being an addict isn't your fault, yes it is. Parents are in charge of what their children to, what they learn, what they eat, everything. And blaming McDonalds for your child being so obese that they are almost certain to become diabetic, have high blood pressure, and hundreds of other health issues, is also a cop out. I'm not blaming McDonalds, they don't make you eat their burgers or fries. That parent decided to give their child unhealthy food. Now if you had a parent that decided to not feed their child everyone would be all over that as abuse, but too much food?
It's all about people taking responsibility and not passing it off on others. No person ever has to look like and A&B model, but an eight year old that weighs as much a six foot tall grown man isn't right. And any person that is fit to be a parent should be able to see that. That same person should be able to also learn about how to not stay on the same path and help their child get back to a healthy weight. I think the only way to really start to make people learn how to be healthy is to make more immediate consequences, like the possibility of losing ones children if said child was morbidly obese. Obviously the threat of life long health problems isn't doing it for most people.
I hope this lady gets hit with some serious legal problems. People around the country really need to keep an eye on this one too, because unless people start to pay attention to their own children's health and weight they may lose them.

Not cool, funny, or healthy.

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