Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christmas in February

I'm getting our new team kit in on Friday, the girls have a competition on Saturday, and Froze Toes is on Sunday!

Our new kit was designed by team member Matt James and has a very retro feel to it. It was a feel that we had at our last team and wanted to have that again this year. Kit ordering is a tough thing to do. You have to get all these peoples sizes, orders, money, and then get it to them. And this is 10s of thousands worth of clothing that has to be gone though. The package we are getting weighs 71 pounds! The one problem I have with the orders is the companies that do this require minimum orders. So I have one rider on the team that joined us late and he is a bigger guy. Turns out I did not order any extra kit in his size. So now I have to order even more extra kit on my own dime and hope I can sell the rest of it. I guess it is just part of what I am getting into though running a team. There are some clothing companies that offer no minimum reorders, but last year we went with one of those companies and we were not happy with the quality of the clothing or working with their people. Even with the problems and stress of doing the order, I still really love it. 

Saturday my girls are competing downtown at the St Louis Classic meet hosted by Team Central. We are getting down to the last two regular season competitions for the year. It is always amazing how fast the year goes once the season starts. I always enjoy my kids reaction when I remind them how little time we have left before state. Getting the girls to state is really not a hard part of the year. The states always try to get as many kids into the meet as they can. Once in state though, things get really stressful and tough. You have one shot to get to the next round. And once you get to regionals if you make one mistake you can just about go home. The competition get so good and everyone is so on top of their game that it is all or nothing. We spend the entire regular season trying to get the girls ready for this. But it doesn't always get through.

Froze Toes is a flat-ish road race in Columbia, MO. It isn't a hard race or a pretty race, but it is the first race of the year. And people around here can't wait to start racing. It has been a very mild winter here and I am sure that everyone has been putting in a lot of time on their bikes. I think that this year will be really fast the whole time. I am excited to be able to race with the Cat 1s and 2s this weekend also. It is always good to be pushed and we have some great 1/2 racers that are in this part of the country. We have a few guys on the team at the Cat 2 level and I will be trying to help them as best as I can to get a good result. My goal is that we are a big part of this race. We mix it up and get things done. It is always good for a new team to come out swinging.

Well just one more day till things start happening, I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa.

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Froze Toes has been known to have horrible weather, this year 55 and sunny though.

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