Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My theory is working!

A couple posts back I talked about how my gymnastics were having a hard time with competing on bars. I had decided to make a change to the set up of our equipment in the gym to make it feel closer to what we use in completion. From what I saw this last weekend it looked like it made a huge improvement in their competition routines. We had 5 hit routines out of 8. This doesn't sound too great but it is more than we have had yet this year. Also two of the falls were kind of expected. One of my athletes only has one eye and she has a lot of trouble with dismounting off the bars. She does great with every other part of the routine but when she has to land she never knows where she it at. So I don't expect her to land, I am really just happy to see her hit as best as she can. The other routine I wasn't really counting on was an athlete who has been injured most of the year and it is only her second attempt at competition. She was only inches aways from hitting though, and in a couple more weeks she will be the best routine we have. The last fall was a pretty scary one actually. The girl slipped off the bar and landed on her head. It was scary but she turned out just fine. She was back in the gym yesterday and only had some bruises on her knees where she hit the bar on her way down.

This week I plan on going a little easier on the girls. We still have a long way to go till the end of the season and the girls are looking pretty tired. We are trying our hardest to balance their rest and their hard workouts. It is going to be important for the girls to stay focused over the next few weeks as we get closer to state. This is what they have worked for all year and it only takes one bad routine for it to all be over.

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