Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Resting Hard

This is the longest I have taken off of a bike by choice that I can remember. It is only the third day but it feels like a week. I don't know what it is about days that I don't ride, but they seem to last forever. My work schedule has changed for the next 8 weeks as well so that has thrown me off big time. Most of the information that I have studied about training says that resting is as important, if not more important than training itself. If you are not rested enough to do your next workout, then you will not get the full benefit from it. I think it is hard for people like myself though. We see improvement form hard work and believe that more hard work will bring more improvement. I watch the pros racing on television and I want to catch them, and it is hard to remind myself that the only way to get better sometimes, is to not do anything at all.

Tomorrow I will get back on the bike and roll around Forest Park for and hour with Katie and then I will race this weekend and see how it goes. It could be an even worse race than last weekend, or I could be just fine, I really have no idea right now. With all the work I have done trying to track and predict my fitness, I think I am nowhere closer than I was three years ago. Sort of frustrating. At least the guys that I have been helping are getting better. I have always been a better coach than an athlete....

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