Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shitty training to start the season......Great

I was in California for the last 5 days and it really fucked up my training. The trip was pretty good. This kids did great and we placed well, there was a problem with an athlete and their parent so that almost ruined the entire weekend. I think that I was able to "do the dance" well enough though and have put out most of the "fires" that were started.
Soooo my training really suffered though because I was just not able to train like I should be, especially with my first race coming this Sunday. The hotel was great, it had an amazing gym and I used it, just not as much as I wanted to. I was there to work not workout, and keep bike fit, so I focused on the job. Which is good, but sucks for the riding. I did do a great job of keeping the weight down though. I came back weighing less than ever! It has been hard cutting the weight and hanging onto my strength, and now I guess I have to figure out if I was able to hang onto it. I hope I didn't lose it, shit!
Well I tried to put in a very hard ride today and I almost passed out. I did the same ride last week and survived but today was just too much with the flying and not working out right. I didn't get home till 2:00 last night and didn't sleep too great. My heart was jumping out of my chest right away. I was up at 170 just doing some tempo work. I had to call it quits, it was really going bad. Tomorrow I will do more of a tempo or endurance ride, that is what I should have done today. I really wanted to have that hard ride today though, I thought that going hard would really shock my system back into what it was like last Thursday. Not that it really has fallen that much, I dunno?
Had a guy quit 708 Racing today. Not really surprised, I don't really think he was much a part of the team. The only thing I am worried about is that he left owing $370. Maybe I will buy some of his kit, Mike said that he will buy some too. I don't get people like that, he is the second guy that said he was going to race for us and then quit on us. What kind of man says he will do something and then go back on their word. I really pride myself on my word. I am not the kind of person that you need a contract with me. If I say it and I shake your had, that is as good as any legal document with me. I know that most people aren't like that though and I always get everything from other people in writing. It is sad that people don't teach their children that their word means a lot. I guess that is just another thing to throw on the pile of people fucking up how they raise their children.
Hope tomorrow is a better day on the bike.

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