Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I hate teeth

Why? Because they do nothing but suck. Just got a temporary crown today, which means that I have to go back in again to get the permanent crown.....awesome. I guess I just really hate anything that has to do with my mouth. I grew up with sore throats all the time, had an evil dentist that told me I was a tough kid so he wasn't going to use Novocain when drilling out my skull. Lips chap, cold sores, burned tongue, the only good thing is you get to taste good food.
The start down this road started last year. I had a sore tooth that I had a cavity filled in. Once that was done I kept waiting for the pain from that to subside but it never did. About six months later I finally went back to the dentist and he said I was screwed and needed a root canal. SHIT! All I had ever heard about root canals were they hurt bad. Then I learn that it isn't a one time thing and you are done, noooo you have at least 4 procedures to go though. First they go in and drill out all the innards from your tooth. Knowing what I know now about the whole thing I don't really get that. Then you go back in and the dentist drills out the top of your tooth and puts some kind of cement or compound to hold your tooth together. Today he goes in and drills out the entire outside of the tooth so that he can put some kind of cap on it. What the hell do I even have any of my own tooth left now!? Why the hell didn't I just get this fucking thing pulled and they put in a fake tooth? For some reason I still feel pain in the damn thing too, there are not supposed to be any nerves but I have magical teeth that can still feel.
I am loving even more how much money all this shit costs. Almost $1000 buck out of pocket so far, and you never know what the insurance company will decide they are not going to pay for. Fuckin teeth.
I think that the James Bond character knows as Jaws had the right idea with the razor sharp metal chompers. Maybe I should look into that.

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