Thursday, January 27, 2011

Contador Busted

Man I did not see this coming, I thought for sure Contador was going to get off on his positive testing for clenbuterol. I mean Spain protected Alejandro Valverde for years while he was under investigation and even after he was banned in Italy for his role in Operation Puerto. And then I guess too if you want to believe that the UCI has done all it can to hide Lance Armstrong's supposed positive test from a 2001 race, then why would it not want to hide it's star athlete now? An athlete, by the way that they were touting as the new generation of clean athlete. I wasn't a huge fan of Contador really, I am a big LA fan and the media in the US did a good job of pitting the two of them against each other. But after getting over the fact that this rivalry was really mostly in the media, and yeah they did have some disagreements. Contador is really a very hard working guy, I thought. If he did take this drug on purpose, which I am of the opinion that he didn't, then he is a cheat and I have no pitty for cheats. Now that will come and bite me in the ass if LA is ever found to have cheated, and it can be PROVEN. If you could show me and the rest of the world thought that Contador, and every other athlete in the peleton is still doped to the gills, which it appeared to be at the heyday of LA (hey that rhymes) then I would say it is still a level playing field.
I dunno, drugs and sports, cheating and sports, finding the last loophole in the rules, all of that stuff has been around since the beginning of sports. Heck the stuff that is still allowed today is just called something else, gamesmanship. Sounds a lot nicer that cheating doesn't it, but really that is what it is. A form of cheating that is expectable to all that participate in said sport. The thing about doping is that it is not acceptable to all that participate. There are always those chances of serious physical harm to those that use these drugs. Granted they are often small chances and a majority of those who use these drugs do so without any consequence. But there are those athletes that have worked hard to get their bodies in to the peak condition they are in. And these athletes do not wish to pollute their bodies with drugs of any kind. So then it becomes an advantage to these athletes that will win at any cost. And I guess that is why drugs cannot ever be accepted. They do take away from our view of these humans who have sacrificed everything for the pure athleticism, almost super human ability that we all dream of. If anyone could take a pill and run the 100 meter in under 10 seconds, that would make things a whole lot different. We could have a world without heroes. And most of us couldn't take that.

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