Sunday, January 2, 2011

I have an itch!!!

Holly crap I feel the need, the need for riding my F&$K(&G bike! I don't get my riding my TT bike isn't doing it but it isn't. It's just not as fun and it has been really nice outside and I want OUT! I keep reading about all these people going out and getting some great rides in and I am sitting here just waiting. I think tomorrow I will go outside no matter what. I think I will take the TT bike down to Columbia and put in some good miles on the flats. That should be a good workout as the wind has been pretty stiff for the last few days.
I am really glad I am feeling so anxious about riding. I was getting a little over done by the middle of December and was having to work hard and keep going. But make it hard for me to ride when I want to ride and the desire and the need starts to bubble up. And that is not good for everyone else out there who has to race me this season. I am going to be strong! I didn't have a power meter last year but some of the things that I am doing now I know that I am MUCH stronger than last year. Also I have done a few medium hard intervals that I thought would be harder and turned out to be pretty easy. These are shorter intervals though so I don't know if I have pushed my threshold power up at all but it looks like my weight lifting has raised my sprinting power.
My parents, brother and his family were here for the last couple days and just left. It was great to see them and get to play with my new nephew. My wife and I are holding off on having kids for a while still. We are having a good time living our lives the way we are and we could not live like we do with kids. Also I feel like I raise hundreds of kids everyday so I don't feel like I am missing out on anything.
Time to watch the Bears vs. Packers game. Most of my family are Packer's fans while I like the Bears. Really I like to cheer for a few teams in the NFL so at least at some point one of my teams is winning. Go Bears!!!

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