Thursday, January 6, 2011

It doesn't get easier, you just go faster.

Been a few days since I posted, don't really know why I have been gone but I have.Things right now are really hectic, I have my gym's big home meet this weekend and a large group of parents are working hard at getting it ready. For the most part I have been very happy with what they have been doing, but tonight I started to notice that for some reason they had asked me for my opinion on a few points of the meet but it turned out they did the opposite of what I told them to do. Maybe that is part my fault because I was not as involved as I should have been. Next year that wont happen, I will know everything that is going on and things will be done the way I want them done. I think that will actually help with some of these parents fighting each other. If there was someone who just said this is how it is going to be rather than all these votes and hurt feeling I think it would be better. I know this weekend will be a big success though I am not worried about that.
This part of the year is also stressful because I am trying to get things organized for the cycling team. I am putting together kit orders, budgets, sponsor money, art work, and putting together a race for the team. This part of the year is the second most stressful time of the year behind JO Nationals, and Westerns for my gymnastics team. Those meet take up two weeks of my time, it is hard to get out on the bike, and the stress builds up. I talked to my boss this year though and she said the gym would pay for me to bring my bike this year, score!
So talking with Kurt about the team, he really wants to bring over his eco friendly ideas that he has for his clothing business. I think that this is something that we could really capitalize on! Kurt thinks so too, he even talked to a possible sponsor today that said we were on the right track. That guy didn't end up coming on board but he did point us in the direction of another man who might, soooo fingers crossed. So on the eco friendly front I thought well lets do it up then. We have water bottles that are made of plastic, not good for the environment, so lets find a water bottle sponsor that works with biodegradable plastics. Lets look for a sponsor that does all natural, no fertilizers, energy foods. Maybe find companies that are trying to figure out how to recycle carbon fiber, a big deal in cycling, and see if they would like to partner with us. There is never any harm in asking.
I am still waiting on my bike to be finished with at Mesa Cycles. They are still waiting on my broken part's replacement to get in. Chris over there gave Sram a call for me and he thinks my part will be in, latest Monday. So that is good news, they are awesome guys so they will get it turned around and back to me right away as soon as that part is in. I am really glad we partnered with those guys and I hope that we are able to get them some kind of return on their investment. I do just about 90% of my cycling shopping there now. Just about anything I need, even if they don't carry it, they will get it special for you. So since my preferred ride is not workable I am still on my TT bike. This could be a good thing and help in the 3 or 4 TTs that I plan to do this year. Most people don't spend much time on their TT bike unless they are triathletes. Most road racers hate their TT bike as they are uber uncomfortable. I like riding it when I am racing it, it is easier to focus on the pain and know that the pain is for a reason other than training. If I hurt more I will be done faster, will be happier with my effort, and may even have a chance at winning my race. Not that I think I am any good at time trailing, but reading about Fabian Cancalara racing in time trails he says that you just have to put in the time on the bike. He said he once road a 180km ride on accident on his TT bike. It was on accident because he was riding with a couple other guys who were motorpacing and they just never turned around. I don't really like to go farther than 30 miles in the cold, 40 in good weather, at a time. I don't plan on racing any farther than 13 miles in a TT so those extra miles really don't matter. In the past when I have done my TT training I have been VERY specific with that training. So once I have my road bike back I will go back to that and just hope that the miles that I have done so far this year will be a big kick start to my time trial racing this year.
Well time to get some dinner and go to bed.

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