Monday, January 17, 2011

Windy City Fun

Just got back from Chicago and saw the 41st annual Windy City Invite. It is the largest boys gymnastics meet in the Mid-West as well as a great season opener for the collegiate teams in the Big Ten and UIC. The U of I, my alma mater kicked some serious ass on there way to what I hope is their first National Championship in over 22 years. I was on two teams that were a hair's breath away from winning that title but we came up a little short both times. The first was really hard to lose because we were at home, the second was tough but I was ready to be done with gymnastics, and it was my Sr. year in college so I was able to get past it pretty fast. The guys on the team look really strong and talented. I really don't know how they do it. I only retired 5 years ago and the things that they do now make my cry inside for how hard they have to work and suffer to achieve those skills and routines. The one event that I thought the U of I was laking was on rings. We were very strong on rings back when I was at school. I was one of the lower guys in the ring lineup and I still would have had a harder routine that everyone but the top two guys. But that is how the sport works, some events get better, some worse. It is not like club where you are good on an event year after year because you raise these athletes. The college kids come from all different backgrounds. So when you are recruiting you have to work hard to make sure that you are getting guys to fill spots your are weaker on. Easier said then done though.
I spent the weekend also catching up with old friends from college. That was the best part of the weekend. My life is spent in the gym so seeing the U of I win was fun but I was not as excited as others who really only see a meet or two a year if not less.
Tonight I am going to get back into my hard riding again. I am leaving for Indianapolis on Thursday for Circle of Stars, so I want to make sure I get some serious miles in. I think I will try to bring my bike and trainer to the meet and ride in the hotel if I can. I am also going to rush home Saturday night and try to get a ride together with some of the team on Sunday morning. Kurt has suggested a hilly route that is about 2.5 hours long and if we are feeling it we can stretch it into another loop. I have been working the hill climbing a lot so I hope that it pays off and I see a little improvement on the ride. Not going to hold my breath though.
Well I have to get ready for the gym now, I am excited that the gymnastics season has started. I like the season until we get to state. Then it starts to wear on a bit. But that is in April and for now it is all new and shiny with that new car smell.

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