Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gym season is close, so close.

My gym's home meet is next weekend! I love our home meet, it is a big deal to our kids and parents. The gym works so hard to put this thing on, and everyone works so hard to make sure the kids have a good time. We have close to 1500 kids come thought the competition doors. It is a dance that we do to make sure that every event goes off on time, and that all the kids are on their next event on time.
The nights are the best though. The first night after we set up everyone involved heads upst.airs to the hotel bar and we hang out and get pumped up for the rest of the weekend. The next night we host a big party with card games, music, and lots of good drinks. Most of the coaches, judges, and parents helping with the meet come to the party and everyone has a little too much. We all pay for it in the morning but everyone always has a good story about how their night ended.
The worst part of the weekend is the tear down when we pack up all of the gymnastics equipment into 4, 52' semi-trucks. Everyone is really tired and it is a logistical nightmare to try to keep everyone working and not standing around waiting to do something. It is easy to get people very mad and there is always someone saying that they "could do better". Our goal this year, and it was our goal last year, is to get set up and tear down done in 4 hours or less each. That sounds like a lot of time but it is not. We have 6 sets of bars, beams, vaults, 3 40'x40' floors, 3 8'x60' tumble strips, high bar, pommel horse, parallel bars, rings, and hundreds of mats. And we do it with hard working parents who are not professional laborers or movers.
I have been fighting some kind of bug for the last few days. Really it feels like I have been fighting the same thing for a few months and it just keeps coming back. Maybe I am not getting enough rest and not taking care of myself well enough. It is tough for me that my body isn't working the same way that it did when I was a kid. I have to work very hard to watch my weight now a-days. When I was younger weight was never a problem it was easy to loose, seamed like all I needed to do was think about it and the weight would fall off. Now it seams like if I think about food I gain weight. So I have been messing with what I eat, how much I eat, when I eat, as well as not being able to sleep very well (chronic insomnia) without some prescription medicinal help. I hate taking something to sleep but if I don't my mind actually seems to work harder at night than it does during the day. It is like I think about one thing and in a few minutes it has wound up to thinking about 100 things at once. This adds to my anxiety and that can lead down bad roads that I hate going. This is all family inherited shit for me. I am not as bad as my two brothers or my father and didn't really have any problems until I was in college. My brothers have had these problems since they were little kids and my Dad didn't have a REM sleep for over 20 years at one point, which killed a portion of his brain!!! Soooooo I guess what I am saying is that I need to work harder at taking care of myself..................gnight.

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