Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Today's Ride

When on a ride with Michael today, really nice guy. He has been riding for about 10 years now off and on and might get into racing this year. He also said that he had an older brother that may want to race with my team as well. I talked to a friend of mine from back in Champaign about joining our Cat 4 team as well this year. He is interested but has been out for a few weeks with a non athletic injury to his leg. That's all he told me.
Michael likes to keep his speed high all the time it seams. I think he would be a very good racer if he had a little coaching from Mike and Kurt. I wanted to go a little slower than we went today because I was feeling the effects of my weight lifting session yesterday and on Saturday. I kept watching as my power meter kept creeping up and Michael was just riding away. After a while he slowed down a bit and the ride went really well.
I can sometimes be a pretty quite person when I meet new people and I think I was a little this time. But Michael kept the conversations going which was nice to have. I really hope that he is able to join the team as well as his brother (I didn't get big bro's name), I think that he would have a very welcomed member into the group.

I got an email from my old team director Karl apologizing for kicking me off the Wild Card Cycling website. He said that it was just an over reaction to my changing the name of the team. I guess I could have told him before he heard from one of the other guys on the team, but we were really doing a lot of our own thing down here so I didn't think that he would mind, shows what happens when you assume. He was also very mad at my 708 teammate Mark for jumping ship. Really that was Mark's only move. He is an amazing racer, super fast sprinter, good on the climbs, a hammer in the TT, and an all around monster. Mark had no one else on the team to race with up in Champaign. There is one other guy that is at his level but Mark could take him at any time and he really just races for himself. Mark wants to race for a team, not race on his own. I think Mark has to do what he has to do. If someday Mark has to move on from 708 as well, yeah I will be sad to see him go, but it does not mean we wont be friends. It just means there was something better out there, and aren't we all looking for something better?

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