Sunday, December 12, 2010

I shift too hard I guess

Did a late night training session last night. I had gone to the gym after work but wanted to get in some light interval work.No one was home and I procrastinated long enough that it was after 9pm before I got the bike set up on my trainer. I put in pirate radio on my protible DVD player, it is a movie about English radio ships of the coast of Great Britain back in the 60's or 70's. These guys would broadcast rock and roll outside the control of any government and it pissed everyone off. It was a pretty good fun watch.

The intervals I was doing were some quick spin ups and single leg work.The interval sets would only take about 30 min and noting over 200 watts really. I was just about to start my single leg intervals on my last set and I went to shift up a few gears into my 19 or so and CRACK, the shifter lever just kept going and all of a sudden my chain dropped down to the 12.

The funny thing about it was I just read an article about how Force and Rival shifters were breaking and how SRAM's claim that their products are all the same was shown to not be true. The Force and Rival shifters had a different shifting mechanism and were made with a lot more plastic. Here is the article and it can explain better what is going on.

The big bummer for me is that, of course the bike shop will be closed and I have to take a day off from riding. I am hoping that Mesa will have some in stock for me when I go on Monday morning. What I am REALLY hoping for is that they will let me warranty the part and then pay an upgrade charge or something and get the RED level shifter. I will just keep my fingers crossed.

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