Thursday, December 16, 2010

UUUgh I drank diet coke

Ok I think I am finally getting serious about losing some weight. The last time I was this into it I was an elite gymnast at the U of I. Really what I need to do is get through the Holiday without gaining 10 pounds. Last year I had to loose more than 12 pounds just to get back to my competitive weight. If I can keep the weight low it will be much easier for me to get down to my goal of 155. I have not been that light since high school. I feel like if I can get really dedicated about my training and weight this off season that I could have a really good racing season as a Cat 3 this year and maybe keep working my way  up the ladder.
Now I need to cut out the beer and really stop drinking pop all together again. The beer is going  to be really tough. It's not that I drink it all the time or anything like that. I just love the taste and when you are out with people it is REALLY hard to not drink with them. This Saturday is my company holiday party so that is going to be my last drink for some time.I need to come up with an end point though....

Well I need to get some time on the bike trainer today, Got my bike fit the other day and I need to get some time in my new position.


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