Friday, December 3, 2010

A long break

I have not been on my bike since last Saturday in Atlanta. I was a little sick this week and I think I am using that to get a short break from the bike before I really start to hammer for next season. I have never been good about taking time off, when I was a gymnast I would train 8 days a week. I know that it is imposible to train like that on the bike. A person would just ride themselves into the ground and could end up seariously hurting themselves. It is funny but I think that racing my bike has made me a better gymnastics coach. Not many coaches, even good coaches, know a lot about periodazation or how to use it. To be good at riding I have had to use this technique to train for the last year. It has brought a lot of improvements for me and my athletes.

So I am going to wait till Monday to start riding and lifting weights again. It is going to throw off my training plan but I have to be flexable. I mean I am not a profesional rider, I have a job, I have a wife, I have other responsibilities that may pull me off my training plan. So I will have to go back and re-think what I am doing for the next few weeks. This really isn't a problem as I have a long time before my first race weekend of the season in March.

Last night I met with Kurt Fletcher and Mike Rickey to talk over team issues. We met over at Dressels Public House in the St Louis Central West End. Great food, amazing drinks! So we are going over what the team kit is going to look like. Right now we actually have a problem with too many sponsors. Our kit was designed and then we are trying to make the logos look good inside it. I think that pro kits are done the other way around, that the logos define how the kit is going to look. I think we have it down though and it is going to be very differnt compared to what else is out there. Very retro.

Kurt is also bringing more riders onto the team, very cool. He is trying to get more Cat 1s and 2s to join. I would love this to happen, it would mean more knowledge that I could possibly mine to make myself better as a racer. I do have to work to remain a top management member of this team though. With all of these older guys coming on it would be easy to push me out. But I started Wild Card Racing and I am going to stay on the top with everyone else.

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