Friday, December 10, 2010

I hate the winter

I used to love the winter when I was a kid. The snow was so fun and I did not mind the cold at all. I just figured that I could throw more clothes on and I would be good to go. I guess it was because I was always too hot as a kid, my parents would put me in too many clothes or something. Now it's different though. I lived for a few years barely being able to pay for my heating bill. My wife was going threw school and my job didn't pay well enough for us both to live on. Never feeling warm for 5 months at a time for 3 to 4 years was just too much. Now things are a millions times better but I still hate the cold. What passionate cyclist wouldn't? I know that there are guys that excel at cold rainy races but no one enjoys training in the cold, or rain. All I want to do is ride my bike but going out when it is under 20F is just crazy. So I am banashed to the deep dark depths that I know as the dungeon. I own a little 5' x 8' storage locker in the basement of my building that I set up my bike and trainer and go to town. I have it rigged up as good as it can get though. I have my little protable DVD player, a radio, plenty of light, some cool cycling photos and art. It is my little tiny man cave. Being able to watch movies or race DVD's does make the time go by a little faster but really it is still mind numbingly boring. It is the only way to improve for next year though unless I could travel to the warm places of the earth and train while staying at some 5 star resort.....we can all dream.

Maybe if there was something to do around here when it snows it might be more fun, like sking or snowboarding. There isn't even a really good sledding hill around that I know of. I guess I shouldn't complain too much though as this Fall was the best Fall in a few years. Almost no rain and plenty of time to ride.

Just please let it be over soon.


  1. Dude - ski and snowboard at Hidden Valley. 30 minutes from your apartment. I take the kids there all the time, except I'll miss most of Jan either ski racing up north or working/playing in Abu Dhabi. It is a small hill, but it is real skiing, December thru Feb.

    You coulda hitched a ride with us from your place on sunny opening day, last Saturday. It wasn't all great. I did rat on their FB page about the horrendous line to get my pass photo taken. But it was more good than bad.

  2. Also, sled at Art Hill in Forest Park. It can get crowded, but it is a good sledding hill and very close to you. Take Katie, then visit the museum when you are done to warm up and get your art fix.

    I hit it at night a few times in college. Maybe the buzz makes it better.